Wildwood Acres

Wildwood Acres is a brand new opportunity to own a 35 acre or larger property near Newcastle, Wyoming and the Black Hills.


Tract Six has exceptional views of the Elk Mountains to the East which can be seen .from any spot on Tract Six. There is a seasonal pond or possibly an old buffalo wallow, as well as a seasonal Creek named Whoop-up Creek which both attract wildlife whenever they are holding water.

The nearest town is Newcastle, Wyoming and is only 11.5 miles away. Newcastle is the county seat of Weston County and provides all services including a hospital. Newcastle has a population of 3,500 and is the epitome of a small western town with a pleasant climate.

The close proximity to both the Black Hills and Custer National Forest provides numerous opportunities for hunting, fishing, exploring, and enjoying nature. There is a stocked public fishing lake just five miles from Wildwood Acres. It’s like having a 100 acre fishing hole in your backyard.  

Directions: From the 4-way stop at the intersection of US Hwy 85 and US Hwy 16 in Newcastle, Wyoming, go South on US Hwy 85 for 3.2 miles to county road 1-A on the east (or left) side of the highway. Continue on road 1-A for 0.4 miles and turn South (right) on Old US Hwy 85 (gravel) continue on Old US 85 for 7.9 miles to the private railroad crossing. Turn east and cross the railroad tracks and go through the cattle guard. Follow the signs to Wildwood Acres.  

Deadwood, South Dakota with casinos, fine dining, and shops provide a flip side for more urban entertainment and is 55 miles from Newcastle. Jewel Cave National Monument is just 25 miles from Newcastle and Wind Cave National Park is 53.8 miles away.

Tract Six has on the spot non-recourse seller financing available to buyers if they wish to save money and not deal with loan applications, credit history, appraisals, and other time consuming and costly requirements.

This property has a new survey and can be viewed with your broker or on your own. The front lot lines are clearly marked with numbered signs on steel posts at the corners. The rear lot lines all have steel posts and can be located with your smart phone as well as google maps.

There are lenient covenants to protect the property values, but are not overly burdensome on your right of enjoyment.

***prices subject to change at any time***
***existing fences are not on the property lines***

Additional Information

Price listing and Financing

Pronghorn Construction, Ltd. Keogh Seller Financing offers you flexibility with no concerns about credit history, loan origination fees, or appraisal fees. We ask for a $1000 Earnest Money payment at the same time you submit the Contract for Purchase. That Earnest Money is credited towards your down payment at closing. We require at least 10% of the Sales Price as a cash or  certified funds Down Payment at closing. The remaining balance is normally amortized over 10 years with an 8% interest rate, but there is some  flexibility on those terms so feel free to complete the Contract for Purchase with the details that best meet your financial situation. While  there is no penalty for paying off your loan early, we do require monthly  payments until the balance is paid in full. For your convenience, we accept  online electronic payments, but also accept checks or certified funds.

Available Tracts

1 35.06 SOLD
2 35.01 SOLD
3 35.08 SOLD
4 35.07 SOLD
5 35.07 SOLD
6 35.01 $105,000
7 35.03 SOLD
8 35.13 SOLD
9 40.06 SOLD
10 38.51 SOLD

** All prices subject to change **